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  • August 31, 2017

5 Reasons Aruba is One Happy Island for MICE Travelers – ECO DMS

ECO DMS knows your company could choose a destination just about anywhere in the world for your company’s next MICE travel program. But we’d like to lay out here why the Dutch Caribbean deserves your consideration, and more specifically the island nation of Aruba. After all, a place that has come to be known as One Happy Island must have a lot to offer, right? Here are five things that make Aruba One Happy Island:


Perfect Weather

one happy island

Did you know that Aruba has more sunny days per year than any other island in the Caribbean? It’s true. And while temperatures are almost always very warm, the constant trade winds blowing across the island keep things at just the right spot for your enjoyment. And One Happy Island is also located well outside the so-called “hurricane belt,” a fact that is particularly on our minds right now considering the devastation this year’s hurricanes have brought to so many other Caribbean islands.


Gorgeous White-Sand Beaches

one happy island

Aruba offers many choices of beaches featuring soft white sand and sparkling ocean waters. We recently presented 5 Aruba Beaches MICE Travelers Should Visit, including Eagle Beach for its Fofoti Trees (or DiviDivi Trees as some call them) and sea turtles, Mangel Halto Beach for its excellent snorkeling and fascinating Mangrove Trees, Hadicurari Beach for wind-based watersports, Baby Beach for family swimming and snorkeling, and Arashi Beach for its more local flavor. But there are many others to explore: Manchebo, Druif, Malmok, Boca Catalina, Daimari, Boca Keto, Andicuri, Blackstone, Renaissance, and of course Palm Beach for the high-rise resort flavor – and there are even more we haven’t mentioned!



Many Fascinating Sights to See

one happy island

There are so many intriguing things to explore all over One Happy Island. We recently presented 6 Must-See Aruba Sights for MICE Travelers, including the California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, the Natural Pool, Casibari Rock Formation, and the Natural Bridge. But there are so many more, such as the Aruba Aloe Factory and Farm, the Aruba Butterfly Garden, Guadirikiri Cave, Arikok National Park, and many more. Seems like we might need to do a follow-up article on some of these other sights!


Watersports Galore

one happy island

Your company’s MICE travelers will find all manner of thrilling watersports on One Happy Island. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving, or the more recent hybrid of the two called snuba. Then there are the wind-based watersports like windsurfing, kiteboarding and parasailing. Motorized watersports are available as well such as waterskiing and jet skis. And then there are really recent options that have developed, such as flyboarding, where you ride a kind of water hoverboard and can soar up into the air above the water like a superhero. If all that sounds like a little more than you need, you can always settle for some good old-fashioned swimming, surfing and sailing. When it comes to water-based activities, you’ll find it all right here in Aruba!


These are five reasons that come to mind when we think about what makes Aruba One Happy Island, but of course there are others, so we’ll be sure to follow this up with another article further down the road. If your company is ready to choose Aruba and the Dutch Caribbean for its next MICE travel program, you need an on-site partner you can trust to meet all your destination management needs – choose ECO DMS and see how we can make your MICE travel dreams come true!