• November 12, 2017

Aruba Land Activities for MICE Travelers – ECO DMS

In our last blog article, we wrote about many of the Aruba water activities your company’s MICE travelers can enjoy. After all, this is a Dutch Caribbean island surrounded by sparkling ocean waters! But ECO DMS is also happy to coordinate many different on-site activities and adventures based in the fascinating landscapes of One Happy Island’s interior. Here are some of the Aruba land activities your company’s MICE travelers can enjoy:

UTV Adventures

Aruba land activities

MICE travelers who want exciting and thrilling Aruba land activities while at the same time seeing some of the most iconic sights on One Happy Island will love driving their own utility task vehicle (UTV) through the rocky, dusty trails of Arikok National Park. Our award-winning trusted partner for these adventures offers two different UTV adventures that will take your MICE Travelers on a wild ride to see the Natural Pool, the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, Alto Vista Chapel, Black Stone Beach, the Natural Bridge, the California Lighthouse, and beautiful Arashi Beach. We can even help you put together a customized private tour for your group that goes to the sights you most want to see. Bandanas and goggles (or at least sunglasses) are essential equipment provided for these tours – and you’ll want to have your bathing suit with you as well in order to take a refreshing dip in beautiful Caribbean waters along the way!

BUS Tours

Aruba land activities

If your MICE Travelers are group of people who want to go sightseeing all around the island but aren’t thrill-seekers, they can tour the island in a comfortable, air-conditioned full-sized coach that makes stops at sites such as the California Light House, Alto Vista Chapel, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, the Natural Bridge, Casibari Rock Formation, and Baby Beach. And of course, once again we are happy to help put together a customized itinerary that takes you exactly where you group wants to go.

Exploring Aruba’s Caves

Aruba land activities

Aruba land activities wouldn’t be complete without exploring at least one of the island several sets of fascinating caves. Three of the best to visit are all located in Arikok National Park. Perhaps the best-know is Guadirikiri Cave with its two chambers that extend for around 100 feet and have several holes in the ceiling that allow sunshine to stream down into the caves, making for a truly magical effect. Then there’s Fontein Cave, which is known not only for its colorful stalactites and stalagmites, but also for cave drawings made by Arawak natives at least 1,000 years ago! Finally, there’s also Huliba Cave, typically called the “Tunnel of Love” thanks to its heart-shaped entrance. This one goes back a good 300 feet which means it gets really dark, so you’ll want to have a flashlight to really check it out. All of these caves are home to several species of bats, but they’re all harmless and will stay put if you don’t bother them.

Horseback Riding

Aruba land activities

One of the more unique Aruba land activities is to explore Arikok National Park by horseback. There are lots of optiosn for horseback tours in Aruba that can take your MICE travelers to fascinating sites on One Happy Island, including Wariruri Beach Cove, the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, the Natural Pool, California Lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Malmok Beach and more. And of course there will be many breathtaking views along the way!

Which of these Aruba land activities do you think your company’s MICE travelers would most enjoy? ECO DMS is a leading destination management company in the Dutch Caribbean ready to serve as your on-site trusted partner for creating unforgettable memories in Aruba and Curaçao. Feel free to contact ECO DMS to start exploring options for your company’s next MICE Travel program!