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  • October 20, 2017

Aruba Water Activities MICE Travelers Will Love – ECO DMS

ECO DMS coordinates on-site activities and adventures in Aruba for MICE travelers coming from companies all over the world. Because Aruba is an island situated in the Dutch Caribbean with its tropical climate, there are many different water-based activities that allow visitors to enjoy the sparkling ocean waters surrounding One Happy Island. Here are some of the Aruba water activities your company’s MICE travelers will love:


Aruba Water Activities

The Catamaran is the quintessential boating experience for visitors to Aruba. It’s a very recognizable sailing vessel because of its twin hulls in parallel that provide extra stability as the island’s strong trade winds fill the sails and moves the boat across open ocean waters. A sunset catamaran cruise is an especially magical experience, and these sizable boats offer plenty of room to set up a lovely gathering with food and drinks. During the day, the catamaran can also serve as the launching point for additional water activities such as snorkeling or sea kayaking.

But there are lots of other boating options available on One Happy Island, from pirate-themed party boats to luxury yachts for more elegant events. And if your MICE travelers are really into sailing and come to Aruba in mid-August, they could enjoy the Aruba International Regatta!

Wind and Water

If your company’s MICE are up for more adventurous Aruba water activities, there are several thrilling ways to take advantage of One Happy Island’s strong trade winds besides sailing, including wind-based watersports like windsurfing, kiteboarding and parasailing. Few things are as exciting as racing across Aruba’s true-blue ocean waters on a personal-sized vehicle powered only by the wind and your own courage! If your company’s MICE travelers are schedule to visit Aruba at the beginning of July, they can enjoy the annual Aruba Hi-Winds event featuring windsurfing and kiteboarding competitions at beautiful Hadicurari Beach with its iconic fisherman’s huts.

Snorkeling and Diving


Aruba Water Activities

When your MICE travelers want Aruba water activities that include exploring underwater seascapes, the opportunities are plentiful, ranging from scuba diving, snorkeling, power-snorkeling with a motorized underwater scooter, and the more recent hybrid activity called snuba, which is as close as you can get to scuba diving without a scuba license. Snorkeling is the most popular of these activities because of how easy it is for people of all ages with a minimal amount of equipment involved. Exploring the rich underwater landscapes of the Aruba’s reefs is an especially satisfying activity as you take in the colorful sights of corals, tropical fish and other sea creatures.

Motorized Water Fun


Aruba Water ActivitiesAruba water activities don’t all have to rely on being powered by the island’s trade winds. There are also all the usual motorized water-based activities to be enjoyed, including jet skiing, waterskiing, waterboarding, powerboating, power-tubing (water-tube towed by a powerboat) and so on. The goal of these activities tends to be reaching thrilling speeds on open ocean waters.

More Unique Options

Aruba Water Activities

There are also all kinds of truly unique Aruba water activities to enjoy on One Happy Island ranging from serene and calm to incredibly thrilling. On the calmer side is stand-up paddle boarding – and you can even have a relaxing yoga session on a paddle board! On the more thrilling side, there’s flyboarding, where you wear a kind of jet-pack or ride a jet-board that allows you to soar up out of the water like some kind of aquatic superhero!

If your company is interested in MICE travel to enjoy any of these and other Aruba water activities, ECO DMS is happy to serve as your on-site destination management company. We have long-standing relationships with all the best partners and many years of experience and insider knowledge to make your group’s time in Aruba one they will surely never forget!