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The Benefits of Destination Management Services for Planning a Corporate Event in Curacao

The Benefits of Destination Management Services for Planning a Corporate Event in Curacao

Hosting a corporate event in Curacao is sure to excite your employees.  The idea of spending time on a gorgeous island surrounded by beautiful, sun-kissed beaches is one that can fill everyone with joy. But it’s not enough to simply book tickets and a hotel. Planning a successful corporate event in Curacao requires that you plan both your work events (such as meetings, speakers, or seminars) as well as activities for fun. Knowing how to plan all of this can quickly become overwhelming. This is where a destination management service comes into play. Here are some of the benefits of hiring destination management services in Curacao for your corporate event.

Finding the Best Hotels

The Benefits of Destination Management Services for Planning a Corporate Event in Curacao

There are many hotels to choose from in Curacao. Many of these hotels have meeting spaces where you can host your corporate event. But just what hotel is right for you? And do they even have accommodations for when you’re planning to go? Destination management services can help you to find the perfect hotel to accommodate your event and your attendees. 

Providing Transportation Services

You won’t be spending your whole time at the hotel (although many hotels are all-inclusive and many people don’t want to step foot off the property), so you’ll need a way to get around. Destination management services can help you to organize your transportation services, including vans, mini-coaches, sedans, SUVs, or even open-air fun buses. 

Organizing Memorable Corporate Events

A destination management company, or DMC, can help you to organize an incredible, memorable corporate event, which can help to alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress. They provide all of the support you need for planning the type of event you’re hosting. This can include things such as securing vendors, organizing your event space, supplying event décor, and helping to get all of your A/V, lighting, and sound needs. They can also help to organize other aspects of your corporate event such as entertainment, MCs, and more.

DMCs Know the Area

The great thing about a DMC in Curacao is that the employees know the area. They can help you to get around, no matter where you’re looking to go. Whether you’re looking for the best restaurant on the island, a museum, incredible shopping, or unforgettable nightlife. A DMC in Curacao will be able to point you in the right direction for anything you’re looking to do. 

Planning for Fun

A corporate event in Curacao isn’t all business. Your event isn’t complete without some fun, organized events for your employees. A DMC in Curacao can help you to organize amazing events that your employees are sure to love. These activities might include ATV tours, nature tours, helicopter tours, shopping excursions, local classes, sailing, snorkeling, discovery diving, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, dolphin encounters, and so much more. 

Planning a corporate event in Curacao should be fun for everyone, including the one tasked with planning the event. The Right DMC can help to make every aspect of your time in Curacao memorable. For more information about event planning in Curacao, and to find out just how we can help, contact ECO DMS today!