ECO DMS and CSR: Teaching and Doing




We find that many of our corporate clients that come to One Happy Island for a meeting, conference, or even employee incentive award travel, want to incorporate some kind of CSR element to their time on Aruba. We love helping companies realize and fulfill their commitment to operate economically, socially and environmentally while balancing the interests of their investors. After all, it’s a trend that’s only going to continue to increase in the 21st century. We help arrange local philanthropic activities that offer the perfect opportunity to integrate corporate philosophy into a fun and emotionally rewarding activity for employees, clients or other attendees.

ECO DMS destination experts help clients find the CRS activity that best supports their own corporate philosophy in “Making a Difference” and offering a selected local recipient with “change of a lifetime” support. Whether it’s environmental sustainability or humanitarian in nature, the goal is to match the best possible give-back to the community programs with the client’s corporate objectives and available budget.

ECO DMS Does CSR: Practicing What We Preach


But ECO-DMS doesn’t stop at just helping clients integrate CSR into their on-island experiences. We also practice what we preach! We love being involved in our local Aruban communities as much as possible. This year we had the pleasure of getting involved with children’s sporting activities through a local organization.

Sport Vereniging F.C. San Nicolas, Lifida A & B operates in San Nicolas with a very noble mission, get kids off the streets and give them something better to do – sports! ECO DMS is a proud sponsor of the soccer uniforms recently unveiled at the Joe Laveist Sport Park at San Nicolas.

As ECO DMS President and CEO Wichita Villacres noted, “It’s so important to give our youth positive, constructive activities to develop their characters. Participating in the Sport Vereniging F.C. San Nicolas soccer program not only helps the youth develop physically, it teaches them such valuable social skills as teamwork and cooperation towards a common goal.”


ECO DMS Chief Operating Officer Maoreen Every literally baptized the new uniforms by pouring water on the shirts on behalf of ECO DMS and her company’s colleagues present at the inauguration, while Sport Vereniging F.C. San Nicolas was represented by Herbert Beelsnijder, Brigitte Gomez and Errol Every.

ECO DMS is the Dutch Caribbean’s premier full service Destination Management Company operating in both Aruba and Curaçao, with a branch office in Florida. The company combines creativity, personal service and superior professional skills to deliver memorable motivational experiences to clients from around the globe


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