• January 31, 2017

ECO DMS Gives Back to Senior Citizens: Celebrating 30 Years of Service

How does the Dutch Caribbean’s premier full-service destination management company celebrate its 30th anniversary? As ECO DMS entered its thirtieth year, we took stock of what it is that allowed us to reach this significant landmark in our history. We quickly realized our company logo includes a four-pointed compass star representing four pillars of our work that have kept us going for three decades: The communities in which we operate, the clients we serve, the partners who help us serve those clients, and amazing people who make up the ECO DMS team. We’re setting aside the 30th of every month in 2017 for special activities to commemorate these four pillars of our work that sustain us. We kicked off our celebration year on January 30th with a very special event to brighten the day for a lovely group of Aruba’s senior citizens.

Serving Aruba’s Senior Citizens

senior citizens

It was back in 1983 when the Rotary Club of Aruba helped launch “Stichting Fundacion pa nos Grandinan” and what came to be known as Club Kibrahacha 60+. The Club is dedicated to promoting independent living for Aruba’s senior citizens while encouraging them to participate in social activities. Seniors everywhere are susceptible to isolation and loneliness as they find it increasingly difficult to engage in life’s daily activities. The Club offers a range of health and fitness activities, assistance in obtaining better healthcare, transportation, opportunities for personal development and education, and lots of cultural and social activities.





ECO DMS Celebrates Senior Citizens

senior citizens

ECO DMS has always admired the wisdom, perspective and humor senior citizens have from their long life experiences on One Happy Island, and we especially admire an organization like Club Kibrahacha 60+ that focuses on this vulnerable population to help keep them engaged and thriving in their later years. For us, it was an obvious choice for our first celebratory event during our 30th anniversary.


Focused on What Truly Matters

We were so pleased to brighten the day of 80 senior citizens at Club Kibrahacha 60+ with snacks, games and entertainment. It was all smiles and laughter – pure joy for them and even more so for us. This is important to us. As a Destination Management Company operating on Aruba and Curaçao, we are constantly putting together unforgettable events and itineraries that make a difference in the lives of organizations from all corners of the globe. But we must never forget that the communities in which we operate are also the ones we call home, and we love them and their people dearly. After all, they are our neighbors, colleagues, friends and family. ECO DMS looks forward to another 30 years of making a difference not only for our clients, but also our island communities.



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