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  • March 31, 2017

ECO DMS Makes the Best Vendor Choices: 30 Years of Partnerships

One of the most important things we do at ECO DMS to maintain our competitive advantage as the leading destination management company in the Dutch Caribbean is establishing and maintaining partnerships with the very best companies that provide the kind of superior customer experiences our clients want. Making the best vendor choices is at the core of our business strategy and a big part of why ECO DMS is now celebrating 30 incredibly successful years in business on One Happy Island.


ECO DMS is not a tour operator. We specialize in coordinating MICE (meetings, incentive, conferences and exhibitions) travel experiences for corporate clients. The actual tour operators work directly with FIT (fully independent) travelers such as individuals and families and groups of friends visiting Aruba, and they work with us in partnership to serve our MICE clients.


Making the Best Vendor Choices: Jeep Tours of Aruba

Best Vendor Choices


Aruba may be considered a relatively small island, and yet there are at least five different companies that provide tours by jeep, ATV or UTV. How do we approach the task of figuring out which one of these tour operators is good enough to become our partner in serving our corporate MICE clients?


First, we take a look at what they suggest in terms of sites to visit around the island. There are some must-see sites we expect to be on this list, such as the iconic California Lighthouse, the peaceful Alto Vista chapel, the fascinating Bushiribana gold mill ruins, the breath-taking Natural Bridge, Guadirikiri caves and so on. But then we also look at whether or not the tour operator can think outside the box and suggest something new or different from what everyone else does. This is important because above all else, we are looking to put together truly unique and unforgettable experiences for our clients. There’s a lot at stake when you’re trying to make the best vendor choices on behalf of companies looking for the perfect MICE travel program.


You can also be sure that we’re going to look very closely at customer reviews and testimonials not from the vendor’s own website, but from independent travel sites such as TripAdvisor. And we don’t just take a look at this once. After all, we know full well that things change over time, so we’re constantly re-evaluating our best vendor choices and aren’t afraid to change vendors if that is what’s best for our corporate clients.


We look for superior customer experiences and stellar customer service. We look for innovative approaches to what they provide and how they provide it. Is the tour operator willing to coordinate an off-road jeep rally? This was once a common pastime for locals to enjoy, and ECO DMS made history when it partnered with a tour operator to bring the jeep rally concept to corporate clients for the first time, adding a uniquely local touch to what would otherwise have been the same old tired tourist experience.




ECO DMS is the leading destination management service company in the Dutch Caribbean. We combine personal service, in-depth knowledge of the islands and creativity to produce unforgettable experiences for our clients Every detail is addressed with precision, care, and white-glove service from beginning to end. Our services include analyzing and evaluating appropriate venues/activities suited to match the demographics and size of your group; researching and securing venues/activities that support the group’s needs & desires; evaluate “return on investment” (ROI) when appropriate and applicable; conducting due diligence on all vendor options to insure appropriate business licensing, desirable insurance requirements, safety training, dress code and training procedures of personnel. Visit our website to find out more!